São Paulo Government and Cult Cultura. 
Co-creator, Art Director and Illustrator
The project consists of an animation, that allows viewers to get in touch of the South America culture and the preservation of nature.
The animation was inspired by mythological elements from Brazil, especially the indigenous ones. 
This project has had a significant contribution to my work, since I've played not only as an art director, character developer, and background/environment developer but also as the main illustrator itself.

Hairs of fire, body and protective utensils with his battle staff with sharp point at the bottom, his belt, braces and anklets made of wood and forest plants and with his body painting of the ancient woods. When he has to protect the forest or if he is in a battle his foot stay behind when they are in battle or using their powers to throw off their enemies.

Hair inspired by the hair of our indigenous people with body paintings of Brazilian indigenous tribes, her eyes that shine when caipora uses her powers. Her staff evokes its powers in other animals and frightens humans who want to harm them and sacred and bodily utensils which are made with leaves of Coccoloba, the largest plant in the Amazon.

Afro hair, black skin, able to transform into an eagle. She wears bandanas from all her previous battles, and also mystical items like bracelets, hair clips, and a coat. These elements turn into different parts of a bird when the mutations happen. One of her main duties is protecting all birds and she's the most experienced one among the heroes.

The legend says that she's a mixture of Brazilian myths and European ones. She's portrayed as a blond overweight character, which makes her slightly different from the original character's oversexualized physical stereotypes. She wears mystical ancestors' bracelets, and as a sealife's protector, her clothes also remind us about marine elements. As a mermaid, she's able to act as vigilant and repel threatening people from hurting sea animals and the ocean.
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