Comic Nativoz

Cult Cultura 
Co-creator, Art Director and Illustrator
A comic book aimed at children and adolescents, between 10 and 18 years old, brings up the story about a boy called Cauã
Cauã lives in the arounds of the city of São Paulo, together with his humble family. After going to the movies to watch a very popular superhero movie, he walks back home wondering why there are no brazilian heroes. He even mentions to his friends that he would love to meet a real superhero once, in real life.  Time to sleep, Caua goes to bed but in the middle of the night something wakes him up! It’s Curupira, a special hero inviting the boy to join him in an adventure to meet typical Real Brazilian Myths. 
The boy then gets a lifetime opportunity to meet characters that are real brazilian heroes, responsible for nature’s protection and all animal’s safety.

Cauã is a boy from the suburbs of São Paulo, he is 10 years old, a very dreamy and playful boy, but at the same time a little fearful. His dream is to meet superheroes so he can ask for their help to improve things in the neighbourhood where he lives, such as housing, cleanliness, bringing more nature to the population, and a better quality of life. 
It is one of the main entities of national folklore, with difficult determination of its origin. Of the various representations, the most famous is that of a black boy, agile, who has
only one leg, wears a red hat and shorts, smokes a pipe, loves to haunt and get ready with people, to run on horseback and to ruin the joy of those he meets. 
The various other forms narrated by Saci, including a bird that blends in with another legend, Matinta Pereira. His figure extends to all regions of Brazil.

1. Black hair with dreads.
2. Pipe of sustainable material.
3. Active whirlwind.
4. Protection and battle stick.
5. Feathers of the last ploughs azuiz almost extinct.
6. Feather becomes a whirlwind when its higher powers are activated.
Like Caipora, it is a fantastic figure with several clothes throughout the regions of Brazil, the best known being that of a dwarf (or child), with red hair, feet on the reverse, fast, strong and mischievous. It is a kind of demon that punishes those who hunt for leisure or destroy the forests in a predatory way. It is also known as Caiçara or Caapora (like Caipora). In Nativoz!, Curupira is the defender of trees, has exceptional strength, jumps over long distances and is very fast. 
Red hair, necklaces and bracelets. He is naughty, playful and noisy. He loves dishes made with PANCs (unconventional food plants), hates pepper and likes fresh water. He is afraid of storms.  
1. Hairs of fire.
2. Body and protective utensils.
3. Battle staff with sharp point at the bottom.
4. belt, braces and anklets made of wood and forest plants.
5. body painting of the ancient woods
6.Foot stay behind when they are in battle or using their powers
to throw off their enemies.
It is the most popular monster in the Amazon. Its dominion extends through Pará, Amazonas, Acre, enlivened by the fear of an infidel population that lives in in the woods, up the rivers, camping on the uncharted banks of the great banks with no name. Hunters and workers of all kinds cite the Mapinguari as a true evil demon.  It has no uses or vices whose satisfaction determines a momentary alliance with a Christian. It always kills obstinately who it meets. He kills to eat. 
He is described as gigantic, black with long hair that covers him like a commanding
man with long hands, clawed nails, inextinguishable hunger. He is only vulnerable
by his navel. 
1. Hungry mouth in the middle of the belly.
2. Elderly Triton older than men and a little damaged after so many battles.
3. Where his power is enhanced with the help of the oldest gods.
4. Painting of the ancient guardians of the forest.
5. It has only one eye, which sees more than many eyes of men or any creature
of the forest.
6. Pointed hair to scare the enemies.
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