PetLover App
Art Director and Illustrator
This is a personal project that I chose to do to better develop my  vector illustrations skills for advertising. I decided to use the Petlove brand, which is the biggest online pet store in Brazil and since I have two cats I decided get inspired by real situations that happens when you have pets, but of course, with a bit of  fantasy and humor to make the ad lighter and more interactive, where people who have pets can relate to the situation!
The art direction I mixed vector elements with some outlines s to give it a more stylized look, the colors are the Petlove brand itself and I gather some information  about the brand before I started sketching the drawings for the scenes so it could also relate to the brand.

The synopsis video is an everyday situation with your cat.
Your cat was there quietly bathing and it heard the clock indicating it is time for lunch, you, the pet owner who works from home and is very busy, realise forgot to buy more food and went to the kitchen to check if there was any food left to feed your pet, but there is nothing, so you look at your cat without knowing what to do, and a bit worried and he throws a power with his eyes and gives you the best tip in the world, to buy the food on Petlove's app that arrives quickly and even has a discount! 
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