Pictoplasma festival
Tiçamán | The guardians of the forests
Creator and Illustrator
Pictoplasma is a festival for character and art design.
Since 2004 this festival transforms BERLIN into an international meeting point for artists and creatives, and this year I will be there showing to you guys my characters the Tiçamán.

My characters are inspired by the junctions of several Brazilian folk tales.
These three masked heads are the watchers, they protect the forest and nature from people that want to destroy it. If the guardians see there is someone trying to hurt the forest, they get together and start making sounds to attract this dangerous person and when the person sees them, they become an illusion mirror and the person starts seeing all the evil that is inside him and can no longer escape from it, living forever in this reality.
Video and Photos by Surakhshit Pawanotra
For more info about the festival check
sOON great NEWS about this guys.
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