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 Illustrator and Storyboard Artist
Simpleshow is the pioneering platform for digital products and services around explainer videos.
I am part of the company's team of freelance illustrators.

My role is to illustrate scribbles and background in the styles created by simpleshow.
I have to apply to all the designs and the style guideline of each style for each project.

Simpleshow has several styles but 3 styles are the most popular, Sharp, Classic and Clean, I'm also responsible for making the storyboards of the projects that I work on, then I draw the illustrations in the requested style
and apply them to the storyboard to forward to the animator


This style is an elegant vector style.
The lines are geometric shapes, as simple
as possible, the backgrounds are all flat, sometimes just lines and sometimes just shapes, very clean using light tons that
make the characters pop up.
Follow some images that I illustrated
for some Simpleshow client's videos,
in sharp style.

Project 1
Project 2
Project 3


This style is draw with pressure brush.
The lines are dynamic, made with the pressure of the pen 
on the Wacom table, and in general the illustrations are black and white, so we draw based in shadow and light to give contrast to all the information we have to add in scene.
Follow some images that I illustrated for some Simpleshow client's videos, in classic style

This style is a line style.
Line thickness is not variable for characters. However,
we should draw details on clothing, faces in thin line  to achieve some differentiation without being too detailed.
Follow some images that I illustrated for some
Simpleshow client's videos, in clean style.
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