Transform yourself. (EN)

Museum of Sexual Diversity of São Paulo
Creator, Art Director and Illustrator
This project was developed independently for the Museu Sexual da Diversidade de São Paulo. It was then introduced to them and offered as a concept for a full exhibition. 
Through creativity and interactivity, the goal was to raise awareness about transsexuality and its reality. Since it's essential for people, especially in Brazil, a country that most kills transsexual people in the world, to get in contact with this such theme.
A woman on her way to becoming the person she feels and believes like she is. As a man, he’s flourishing as he finds out that he is truly a she. When Invited to look inside herself and recognize what really defines him as a human being, she accepts it. 
It's then time for everybody to open up to this experience of looking inside and understanding they might or not be who the world tells them they are.​​​​​​​
A woman that was invited to look inside, sees a man is living inside of her. A man who wants to experience life as a human being, and be respected, loved, like anyone else. She then starts the process to free herself and come out to the world as the man she really is.
The whole concept behind it is raising awareness of the necessity of respect, acceptance, and support. 
People that don’t know much about this reality and haven’t so far met anyone who has gone through the process of finding themselves in a body that did not represent their inner self, need to start looking at it with open eyes and minds.

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